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ClutchMasters BMW E90 M3 4.0L V8 S65/S85 DCT Dampened Steel Flywheel

ClutchMasters BMW E90 M3 4.0L V8 S65/S85 DCT Dampened Steel Flywheel

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We’ve got to hand it to the engineers who sat down and came up with the idea to build a 7 speed transmission that shifts gears in 50 milliseconds. When BMW implemented their new dual-clutch transmission (or DCT), purists were up in arms that they could no longer row through the gears using an H-pattern gearbox (thankfully BMW usually gave buyers the option to spec a manual transmission). As time went on however, and more drivers got to experience the feeling of driving a car with a DCT, many came around to the idea.

One issue with the factory BMW DCT setup is the incredibly heavy dual-mass flywheel. There is no clutch so the rotating mass stays pretty minimal overall, but we noticed there was definitely room for improvement. From the get go we knew we needed to develop a sprung hub setup to help dampen any harsh vibrations being transferred from the engine to the transmission in an effort to help protect those clutch baskets inside the transmission as they have been known to crack when using rigid, non-dampened, flywheels. We took our dampened clutch disc technology that has proven itself time and time again to be incredibly robust and reliable and meshed it directly into a dampened hub that bolts to the flywheel. The lightweight sprung flywheel allows for quicker shifts and faster revs while maintaining maximum dampening during hard, high RPM shifts, and stop and go driving on the street. 

This dampened hub has become the basis for all of our DCT flywheel builds and has been tested on the street and on the track from factory powered cars as well as behind engines that have been extensively modified and the feedback has been nothing but positive. Word has spread quickly within the DCT community that our sprung hub setup is the ticket to a smooth and reliable DCT driving experience.  

Kit Includes
- Billet Steel Flywheel w/ integrated trigger
- Heavy Duty Sprung Hub Carrier
- Crank Bolts

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